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Clam Shell Wax Melt Tarts by Fragrances

Clam Shell Wax Melt Tarts by Fragrances


What we have and what it smells like!


Cherry Almond-  Cherry Almond

Bitten by a Cherry- Jolly Rancher Cherry

Cozy Cabin- Musky and fresh mountain air

Winter Candy Apple- Just Like BBW Sweet and Wintery

Citrus Citronella- Orange peels and citronella

Blueberry Cobbler- Fresh from the oven

Almond Biscotti- Breakfast cookie

Sugar Cookie- Sweet and sugary

Apple Jack- Bright and spicy apples

Lust- Like victoria secrets Love Spell

By the Sea- light and floral sea salt

Fun in the Sun- Hawiian Tropic sun screen

Cranberry Joy- Freshly crushed cranberries

Mahogany- Mahogany teakwood

Autumn in the Park- Apples and fresh leaves

Lemongrass Breeze- Brisk Lemon

Mulled Cider- Lots of spice and cider

Let me make your Bedrock- Fruity Pebbles Cereal

Candied Bacon- Maple grilled bacon

We're all a little FRUITY here- Tropical fruit, peaches, and strawberries

Celebration- Birthday Cake

Mean Green Cleaning- Gain Detergent scent

What A Man- Black Ice air freshner

Toasted Marshmallow- Fire place, warm hearth, and marshmallow

Hawaiian Butter- Pina Colda

So Fresh and So Clean Clean- Fresh Linen

Cinnamon spice and Everything Nice-  Cinnamon Buns with warm icing

Pumpkin Pie Ala Mode- Pumpkin Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Eucalyptus Spearmint- Minty freshness with the clean eucalyptus

Veggie Garden- Cut from the tomatoes branch

Spicey Avocado- Creamy avacado, spicy cilantro, and sweet watermelon

Chocolate Chip Cookie- Warm and chewy

Ocean Spray- Salty and citrusy fresh

Mountain Man- Husky, Musky and earthy

Winter Hideaway- Minty snow flurries

Baked Apple Pie- Warm and spicy

Cucumber Salad- Light fresh cucumber melon

Santa Farts- Buttery popcorn and sweet sugar cookies

Mulberry- Sweet and crisp

Vegan Vampire- Blood Orange and Goji Berries

Black Raspberry Vanilla- Black Raspberry smoothie

Blue Hawiian- The smell of childhood kool-aid

Gummy Bear- Yes he's a yummy bear, this gummy bear!

Simply Orange- Our first essencial oil. Light citrus

Hazelnut Cappuccino-  Robust like the morning brew

Lemon Eucalyptus- Citrus and lightly floral

Friends, Family, & Squirrels- Bowl of salty bar nuts

Chocolate Coffee- Brownie Chocolate Dark brew

Wild Tobacco- Wild Grown tobacco leaf

Sandlewood- Earthy and retro

Lime & The Coconut- Put the lime and the coconut

Bitter Orange Oil- Olive oil and hints of bitter citrus Bergamot

Luck be Aloe Tonight- Aloe & Green Clover

Smells like a STUD- Abercrombie and Fitch Cologne

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